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Universal Travel Adaptor

Fast Charging PD 15W

Our all-in-one adapter has 4 different plugs built in which cover over 150 countries.

From the world's safest travel adapter to the most powerful travel power adapter and the world's first wireless travel charger & adapter.

The Tessan series keeps you powered no matter where you are.

About tessan

Charging Your Home & Journey

We have a huge R&D and production team and our own factory to provide innovative socket products for global users. Since the establishment of the brand, TESSAN has won the recognition of more than 20 million high-end users, and its services cover more than 200 countries around the world. We always advocate and practice an environmentally way of using electricity, creating a connection for people whether at home or on the journey.


Surge Protected Tower

Smart USB Charging Slots: Built in smart chip lets 4 USB charging ports

The purpose of vertical tower design for the extension lead is to help people has a better organized desktop, floor and etc. It will make your living spaces look much neater and having a good mood when you are using multiple electronic devices.

Surge protector will ensure your electronics are safeguarded from overload, short circuit, voltage spikes in order to prevent your devices from electronic damage.

Award year 2023


Intelligent Household Electricity System

It is a future intelligent electricity system that conveniently converts alternating current into wireless power via a group of smart modules. The device and electrical appliances are connected and electrified by special conductive glass and magnetic coils. The system can be spliced and installed freely by users. A concept of intelligent household electricity management is proposed: users can know the line safety and electricity environmental protection index of the whole house in real time, and the system also actively provides users feedback and help. And finally help users save electricity every month.